So we've got a general plan for the rest of our trip here. This weekend, our current couchsurfing host Paolo is taking us to Mozambique - to a town after which is restaurant is named and themed after. The solid line indicates a sure thing and red "x" a sure destination. 

After that, obviously we leave to fate and the elements. We would like to see Malawi, so the hope is that we find some truck or bus heading up to the capital while we're near Mozambique's capital Maputo. Once we get there, however, it seems straightforward to get to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

In Tanz, we'll be staying with a friend of Jake's who lives a little more inland and working on a water conservation project where we hope to do more of what we did in Durban and help get some balls rolling in the right direction for fundraising and global awareness of the situation there. We'll have some more time to kill, similar to South Africa, so after some help there, we may pop on over to Zanzibar and see what it has to offer (provided we don't die in one of the fairly common boating accidents that seem to occur when ferrying over there).

From there, our goal is Ethiopia. We'll have to pass through Kenya, which we're a little apprehensive about, but it should be a worthwhile experience. We're trying to be in Ethiopia by the end of October to meet up with Anthony and help with a little farm branding (as in advertisement). It's not the most accurate way to describe the project, but obviously that's another blog post when the time comes.

My next big post should be my South Africa summary. I almost don't want to write it because honestly, we really don't want to leave yet. But until next time I guess...
24/9/2012 06:07:54 pm

Hey kiddo:
A thought occurs to me concerning your travels. I think of how most people go to see the world. Most people appear to leave the comfort and safety of their home to see various places and destinations, but they bring their saved money to buy continued comfort and safety. They take the safe, well traveled roads and by ways. They go to safe and comfortable sites and locations, carefull to avoid risks and dangers. They are "tourists".
You, on the other hand are a "traveler" You take the risks and ignore the dangers to see the reality of this world. Instead of following others and their well established roads and paths, You forge your own routes and your destinations are your own choice.
At the ripe old age of 25, you've graduated to "World Traveler". You're amazing.
Love Dad

2/10/2012 05:35:30 am

Woah dude, I am totally 26 years old now. We'll see about not being a tourist, we see a lot of the same people along our travels that makes me think I'm taking the bland Lonely Planet Guidebook route too much. But with better budgeting next time, I plan on either buying a vehicle and REALLY going where I want when I want, or at least getting a little more risky with hitchhiking or even going off by myself without my male guardian around haha

15/2/2015 08:45:34 pm

It's not the most accurate way to describe the project, but obviously that's another blog post when the time comes.


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