10:42 Morocco Time /3:42 a.m. Denver Time

Our flight into Morocco was uneventful aside from some landing turbulence that could rival Denver on some days. Once in, I was hesitant about immigration due to our lack of pupose in being there, but the officer asked two questions and seemed not to care what our answers were before stamping our passports and letting us through. Once there, it
was a little confusing what our next step was, mostly because everything is is Arabic and French, languages neither of us know very well.

But we figured out enough to call our host, Youssef, and figured out the train to get to his place. We rode the train to Ain Sebaa, which was the last stop available from the airport. On the train, a couple sat next to us and asked if we could speak English or Spanish. After declaring our nationlity, we found out we were both from Colorado. They were a Spanish, or maybe Portuguese, couple living in Colorado Springs. Convenient, and comforting.

Once at Ain Sebaa, we called Yossef again and told to wait while we came. When he arrived, we hopped in a Petit Taxi to a cafe where his brother and friend were drinking mint tea (HA-chey) and eating patisseries. We agreed to stay with them via couchsurfing, knowing they did not know much English nor we their languages, and our correspondances turned out much the way I thought they would. It's a bit of a struggle, but we still manage to understand eachother's humor and some basic questions. They are very fun to be around and determined to show us a good time while here. We have one more night to stay and then tomorrow off to a new land.

The only problem with the lack of communication is we need to learn more complicated subject-matter about where we are and how to live here for a long period of time. I imagine with our short time, we might stay at a hostel for our next place and figure out more couch surfing hosts later to talk about the environment more.

Last night was a successful first time in Morocco, though. After two confusing taxi rides cramped with five people in a car meant to seat four, we arrived near the center of town and attempted a bar. It was only just before 10pm though and the place was deserted. Later we find out Ramadan is about to occur and a lot of people begin practice before the
official start time. However, we try another bar where there is live music and only two other people. Finally around 11pm things start picking up and the music also gets more lively. A group of girls are seated nearby and quickly get a hookah which perk up my interests more. Sure enough, after my trip to the bathroom, our table too has a hookah. Hooray! This was seriously the most ridiculously smooth hookah I have ever tasted. It was air with a slight licorice flavor. The entire night it never got harsh and I was worried about the amount I was inhaling because I couldn't even notice when I was doing so it was so smooth. The music was choice and reminded me of a group I listen to Cairo Trip Hop Underground and mixed with some Cheb Mami vocals. All the songs played seemed to be local favorites and there was something for everyone as every table there was dancing at one point or another. Youssef and his brother and friend got up several times to dance both boy styles and silly girl styles and even got Jake up there to wiggle around a bit. The whole night was filled with laughter and great company.

We took some pictures and video andd then later told it was "forbidden" but I believe just frowned upon because they did not seem to care too much. So Jake hopes to finish his first little video today and I hope to link it to you guys soon!

Au revoir!

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