Our time in Tanzania is coming to an end this weekend. We're going to Dar Es Salaam Saturday and will spend about a week there before flying to Ethiopia next Friday. Flying turned out to be minimally more expensive than bussing all the way there and we don't have to get on 20-hr bus rides and pay expensive Kenya Visa fees. With how deep-fried I am, we thought it worth the extra cost.

It's also almost exactly a month before we fly back to the States and with that, I thought I'd post about some things I'm looking forward to as well as some hopes and dreams I hope I move forward with when back.


1. FOOD. Man I am such a foodie. We've had some pretty awesome food here. Most of the time it's very basic, but Jake and I aren't picky eaters and we've always appreciated all the various simple combos we've come across (tomato avocado cheese sandwich anyone?). And most of our favorite foods found in America have pretty much been satisfied here… or Spain, thank goodness for our Spain detour.
But two major things we haven't been able to eat are (1) doughnuts and (2) bagels. Not that we care about satisfying unhealthy cravings, I mean, let's live a little, right? We also have had mostly poor excuses for pizza, so a good margarita thin crust or a meaty deep dish might be in order…
Other than that, it's mostly places I miss: In Colorado - Leela's, Snooze, Illegal Pete's, that Louisiana place that I never remember the name of, DBC. In California - Surfer Joe's, Submarine Express, every single place in Santa Cruz, Souplantation, my grandma's cooking. And Austin omg - Jo's Coffee, Noble Pig, Kerby Lane, Frank. And then what all three have in common: Del Taco, and I'm due for a Fogo de Chao visit. Ugh meat coma.
We're planning a stay in Jake's hometown/state Maryland where he promises me crab cakes (and football) and maybe something with lobster… and that's also where we will get amazing doughnuts I'm told.
2. Grocery stores.
3. Music I've been missing (or lost in Jerba, damn it!)
4. Driving a car (though not looking forward to the several 16-hr drives that await me)
5. CLOTHES. I might burn every piece of clothing I took on this trip so I never have to look at them again.
6. Mostly, Raw Food and working out. Furreal.

Things I will be striving for:
  • 1. School. I'm going to try and work my way into a PhD program methinks.
  • 2. Paying off my debt. To be honest, I had plenty before this trip, but I think I have a solid plan to be debt free in about a year… not including school loans, those are perma-put off until I die, The Man can eat it.
  • 3. This blog! Probably because it's the one thing I can work on while I'm here that it's at the forefront of my wishes. I can't wait to play around and try to get it to look the way I want (will probably never happen, but playing is fun too)
  • 4. Picking up a few new hobbies: some instruments, parkour, astronomy, more programing languages, and finishing current projects in hobbies I already do, which basically means knitting.
  • 5. I have some crazy fitness goals. I think it'll take 3 months to get to my peak last time and then I'm going to crank it up another 3 months to see where it gets me, but hopefully it's Olympian abs...
  • 6. Saving up for my next adventure, which may be sooner than you think (*cough Hawaii* *cough* February* *cough cough*)

I think I learned a little more about myself, my limits, my desires, my tolerances (or lack thereof), and how I hope to live as a human being on this earth. I think I have a better understanding on how to improve myself, but as always it will be a struggle and I'm sure I'll forget from time to time, because human brains aren't phenomenal. But yeah. Good stuff. Always. Lessons. Always.

Well this could potentially be my last post in Africa because I'm not sure what Dar has in store for us (plus we'll be pretty busy) and internet sounds super bleak in Ethiopia (plus we'll be pretty busy).

So see you in a month!