I've decided to make a schedule for my blogging. The pros do it that way and while I'm a far cry from a pro blogger, my mind is always going a million miles an hour in a jumbled mess and maybe a schedule will help me be that much closer to being an interesting blog like the pros.

With this scheduling, I can take requests for what people are interested in on this trip. My first request came from my dad in an email asking about what my senses are taking in and to really pen down the differences between here and places in America. It is quite overwhelming and while falling into a routine is easy enough once here, I'm sure all you wunderlusts out there would be more curious as to major differences in weather, cultures, people, architecture, lifestyle, etc. It all gets a bit mouthy, but I'll do my best to paint a picture.

Also, since I've thought of my scheduling (which I would like to do every Tuesday and Friday) I have missed two blogs thus far and the next one is actually supposed to be tomorrow, but as internet comings are inconsistent at best, I thought I'd take advantage of the time I have here at a cafe.

Well maybe I'll break off with a new blog to start it officially...

Also, I seem to remember many more comments on my blogs and journals of the past, was it a mistake to rid my facebook and nobody comes here to read, or are my blogs SO horrible they warrant no response? I'm hurt, but oh well.

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