I've been having such a good time abroad, but when I go to write it down here, all I keep thinking is, "Do people really want to read about me walking around like this?" And then it's difficult to muster up the courage to write anything substantial. Plus I feel awkward for posting every day since when I finally get to Africa, the posts might be pretty sparse. It's going to look like my trip was entirely in England. Also, the fact that this isn't my first time out of the country, or England for that matter, I wonder if I sound a bit over-excited for everything? 

Also, I can't help but read what I'm writing in a British accent. Crikey!

So Jake and I have been having a lot of fun. We are staying with two girls he met in Argentina named Laura and Nicola. Also residing here are Nic's sister, Kate, and a friend Jack. We've all seem to get on really well and have just been exploring Bristol bit by bit, mostly through various pubs. Today we went to Clifford St to have fish and chips and also see the suspension bridge which is impressive but all-in-all fairly pointless from the sound of things. 
Afterward we of course went to a pub. The White Lion Pub which had Murphy's Stout extra cold that Jake and I were pretty fucking excited about. Huzzah! We were close to the bridge and had a nice view of it, the valley below, and the city center in the distance.

Then a walk back down to a main stretch of the city, called Whiteladies Road and went to another pub, of course.

However, today was Nic's birthday, so we were due back at the house to get ready to go out and celebrate. First a few presents and cards, and Jake and I were fortunate to come across the best set of birthday cards in Denver a few weeks back so we couldn't wait to use one! Someone should have a birthday soon so I can use another, they are pretty funny.

Nic likes bugs and snakes, so the roommate Jack made a special cake for her, which we were quite impressed with.
Not being much of a cake-eater, this one was lemon and pretty enjoyable. Plus, GLITTER
So we went out and had some cocktails and a nice meal with a handful of Nic's other friends, who were also really fun to hang out with. And afterward, we of course needed to top the night off with yet another pub. 

Tomorrow is more Bristol followed by a half day in London before we leave for Casablanca on the 30th. Our host who agreed has not written a reply, so I may check up on that tomorrow and hope we don't need to search again!

Pictures to end with and hopefully I'll be inspired to write better as time goes on...
Michelle Dam
30/6/2012 05:41:27 am

Laurie!! Don't be discouraged to write about your adventures, I love to hear about the exciting places you've been as well as all the things you do. It definitely inspires me to want to travel like you and to get out of my little bubble of a world. Plus if you keep writing, at the end of it all you can see what all you did. I love you and miss you like crazy! Please continue to be safe on your journies.

- Michelle <3

1/7/2012 03:15:24 am

Well I'm glad! I have to remember part of the reason I even blog is for people like you who are along on my adventures electronically. I love and miss you too and can't wait to tell you all about these crazy places!


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