Well I feel better. Refreshed a bit. I needed a few days to myself and not traveling about to recover some. Last weekend we got to go camping and while I wasn't quite ready to feel uprooted again, it was nice to hike around and get out of the house a while. 

We went to the nearby Udzungwa Mountains National Park and hiked the Sonje Trail which goes to three different waterfalls and is around 6 - 7 km roundtrip through some steep terrain. It really got me excited for some future hiking in Colorado, but the scenery here was pretty amazing. I had fun taking pictures, but today I hate all of them. Le sigh, PMS maybe? Perhaps I'll like them or do something different with them later...
22/10/2012 09:37:41 am

Hey Girlie:
You sound a little better, but you have every right to be exhausted with all you're doing. I hope you feel well enough to accomplish all you want.
When I think of your dissatisfaction with your pictures, I think back to the professional photographers that would shoot hundreds, literally hundreds of photos to get just a handful of useful ones. And then they had to develope the celluloid film to find those handful. Just keep clicking away, and edit or delete when you get home. Make sure you use every megabite of space.
Love you , Dad

22/10/2012 09:40:55 am

PS I accually like a few, even most of those that you posted. Maybe some lighting tweaks could change them a little, but they're not to bad.


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