So I thought it time to have another trip update for future plans. 

Coffee Farm Project:

When Jake and I first expressed our interest in coming to Africa, Peter of Denver Bicycle Cafè put Jake in contact with Anthony who is helping Ethiopian Coffee Farmers become more known with every cup of coffee.

The story goes like this: Coffee's birthplace is Ethiopia. Something the majority of people don't know I believe. I think most Americans at least associate coffee with South America. However, it migrated there from Ethiopia and it's roots are still heavily in Eastern Africa. Anthony wants farmers to get their recognition and utilize Fair Trade to help their livelihood in this bustling and quickly expanding industry. Jake comes into the picture (pun intended) by doing photos and video for these farms to help with this "branding" you might say.

However, some snags have occurred and this year's crop isn't what Anthony had hoped for. There's been a huge lack in communication with us and so things have been slightly up in the air. We wanted to be there for 3 months, but then it was going to look like 2.5 months and now that we're leaving the beginning of December it was just going to be one month since the date kept pushing closer and closer to November. Now we're still waiting for some reply to our request to be there longer, but as of now it looks like we're showing up the second week of November and will spend 5 - 7 days touring the farm but obviously Jake won't have time for any photo and video work. That leaves us with about 2 weeks to hang out in Ethiopia as tourists, hopefully able to check out old ruins and historical sites.

Then we're back home! Things may change slightly until then, but otherwise, I may just update with some pictures of cool things and stuff I hope to do once back in the States….