We travelled via bus to Essaouira late yesterday evening and was pleasantly surprised with our decision to come here. Where Marrakech is very in your face and tiring from being defensive, Essaouria is calm and welcoming. I have become even more lax about planning things out and failed to even look for an address or directions to our booked hostel here. However, we were lucky to get on board with some Aussies who were at the same place and all helped navigate the way there. 

Upon arrival, the mood was similar to Marrakech Rouge and we were asked to set our stuff down and relax while they served us tea and welcomed us to the place. The setting was a little more dark and a little more loud than le Rouge, and I feel Hostel Essaouria is le Rouge's dubious brother.

The building is also similar in style, with stairs leading up several floors and indoor balconies where rooms lie on the outskirts and the center is open with no roof. The colors are more muted than in Marrakech but it is very fitting for being on the beach. We're assaulted with whites, tans, deep indigos, and teals. The place adds its own Rastafarian flaire as it is known as a hash-friendly place who have welcomed Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Cat Stevens many years ago.

We hang out with our new Aussi and Irish friends as we drink local beer, tea, and exchange travel tales and laughs.

This morning we're greeted with a standard Moroccan breakfast, eggs and pastries, and decide to walk about the tiny beach town. More pictures are certainly to come, but I decided to snap a few today as we browsed shops and food and contemplated things to buy for the following days.
Walking around is nice, and eventually I'd like to buy some stuff here. We're thinking of sitting in a cafe with gelato and espresso, however, sometimes I don't really know what to do with myself. What do you tend to do when you visit places far from home? Do you always have a purpose? I find it hard to lounge and relax and feel the need to be productive in some way, but how is that accomplished on a glorified vacation? Hmm...
9/7/2012 05:25:14 am

Well given the fact that the only place I travel to is California, I cant really give great input on what to do. But if I was in your situation I would want to learn about the people and culture. Maybe find some acticities that they usually do in the spare time. Just something that would help me experience how others live and enjoy life

21/3/2014 08:09:56 pm

"The only place I visit is California."

Come see the rest of the world's people.

im loving essaouira


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