We stayed in Essaouira for 3 nights, and the day we left to go back to Marrakech, dehydration hit me! I didn't realize I lost so much water since I felt pretty fine up until our last morning when it came very quickly and I spent most of the day puking and laying around. We missed earlier busses due to filling up and couldn't get on until 6pm, which was probably for the better since it gave me most of the day to recover. I still managed to hurl on the bus ride though, but we were only a few minutes from the rest stop and apparently nobody noticed even though I'm pretty sure a gallon of fluids came out of me.

We got back to Marrakech Rouge with some of our new Canouk friends successfully and I was able to feel at home again, passing out in the shisha room while everyone got reacquainted in the common room. I slept throughout the night and come morn was right as rain, though my stomach has felt tight from a lack of food and my back continues to ache when I do anything other than sitting still or laying flat. Because of that, and to plan our few weeks ahead, we decided to stay an extra night and head to Fez tomorrow.

Here are some Essaouira pics from my phone that need editing, but I'm way too lazy for that, plus Jake doesn't stop hovering...
9/7/2012 02:46:38 pm

The pictures are outstanding. Composition, framing, and colors. Hope to see them full frame soon


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