Well what to write? There’s so much and yet so little. We have been traveling over two weeks I guess without much internet. I haven’t missed it, really. And when I checked my email, I had 28 messages and over half where unnecessary bullshit. Traveling has been tough though. Not for any real reason except that I’m tired. Three and a half months is a long time in Africa when your home changes every 2 days. Most places in the world I wouldn’t be so ready to come home, but this place makes me tired. I feel burnt out, which is sad because we’re seeing a lot of beautiful places, people, things - and I just don’t really care anymore. 

So we’re in Tanzania now. Jake is working on a volunteer project with his photography. He seems really happy to be doing it. I just feel like I’m biding time until we get on the plane in Addis. I’m having a good time, don’t get me wrong, but I’m working on defense mechanisms that get me through situations I know I can’t change, so why make it worse by pretending to be miserable? Might as well ride it out with some happy. But I haven’t felt like taking any pictures and when I do I don’t want to edit them. I keep looking through phone pics hoping to find some inspiration like “Oh yeah, that was so ridiculous, I can’t wait to share that with people!” but then I get through them all and think “meh.” Burnt out.

Sorry I’m being a Debbie Downer right now! Not what you were hoping to read probably. Maybe something really nuts will happen that snaps me out of it. I’m still excited for coffee farms though, that just sounds too cool.
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Bah, see my comment under your gear review. I accidentally posted it there.
Love Ya

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Love you.


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