Changing my blog completely around (yeah I'm a little crazy and change things a lot) - and I'm even changing the name of my blog (Let's say I don't plan on having dreadlocks for another few years...). I will also be changing it over to Blogger for a little more in depth customization. 

Anyway, there won't be updates on here for a while (or ever again) and I'm probably at least a week or more away of making my new site presentable (and infinitely away from ever getting the site I truly ever want). So yeah... it's 1am, and I'm incoherent. Cheers for now!
1/4/2013 01:44:10 pm

Yaaaay blogger! I'll see you there ;) I need to write more, but I realize the more awesome life is, the less inclined I am to need to write about it. And I'd probably be an irritating, twitterpated, head-over-heels in love puke fest anyway.


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