Finally leaving this blasted place! It feels like we've been here forEVER. But it wasn't bad. Though weird that time has gone by so slow. Usually a month goes by some place and I'm like "NOoooOOOOOOooooo time too fast!" Especially getting older, sheesh. But I think I would easily come back and spend another month here. There are a few key places I could spend a week at a time at that would be great exploration. 

In fact, today we glimpsed the capital, Rabat, for a brief second while heading to Casablanca's airport and we were immediately a little sad we couldn't spend more time gazing at the coast and getting to know the easy locals. Next time for sure. I can't wait to bring Erin here and relish in her enjoyment of this place, I know her heart would sing walking down every path Morocco has to offer. It would have been nice to have her smiling happy energy to feed off when the haggling touts got under my skin.

Our next stop is Tunisia, and with the break I was able to get in Spain in order to catch my breath, I feel excited to take it on. So much has been going on here and back home that I've thought about bailing once or twice to better prepare myself (i.e. Save more money) to try this trip some other time in the near future. But the idea of going back to reality and even more the idea of dealing with Americans again has made me stubborn to see this trip through. I'd love to be where my family needs me, but it looks like they'll need to wait until I photograph a leopard in Zambia before I can be back to help out. I'm still dreading Egyptian touts, though...just nine days, I can get through nine days. I am blood of the dragon. I am blood of the drago...

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