12:09 London time / 5:09a.m. Denver time

Sitting in the airport now, waiting for the flight to Casablanca (or Casa as they like to call
it). We're a little too early and they haven't got our flight up as to which gate it leaves out of.

Yesterday we left Bristol and stayed a night in London. Jake had a friend there as well, but she
was booked with out-of-towners so we decided to book a hostel. It was pretty nice and relatively
cheap and still close to all the neat places to visit.We put our stuff down and immeditately hit
the town. We were interested in getting food, but thought we'd find something along the way.
Kensington Palace was a few blocks away so we headed there first, camera gear in tow. We
walked through the park to the palace, only to realize Jake had forgotten his tripod mount and
as we were going to do some stop-motion footage of my chest map, we needed to go back to
get it. We walked down the block next to ours and luckily too, because it was a street full of
restaurants. We wanted something quick and on-the-go so we decided on this little (and fairly
empty) deli. Inside was the most glorious cheap deli food I could ask for. Panini sandwiches and
baguettes of goodness. We saw they also had a choice selection of breakfast to choose from
as well and knew we'd be back before our flight today.

Also, I have spent so much goddamn money on espresso, it's not even funny. I'm more
determined than ever now to steal my dad's Aeropress I got him for his birthday and make
delicious coffee. Oh how I love the Europeans and their tastes.

So after our stop back at our room and a quick bite we headed to the same park but in the
direction of Buckingham Palace. The Princess Diana Memorial Walk was breathtaking and
impressive with how well-kept it is. Flawless flower garden and so beautifully done. The
palace wasn't a far walk and the weather was sunny and cool, so we decided to take our map
animation pictures in front with the famous Royal Guard in the background. I think Jake will
upload a video bit once we land in Casa, so I will link it here when he does.

We then decided to walk to the Thames and see Westminster Abby and Parlimant. I had
forgotten how ridiculously intricate those buildings are. I could never imagine trying to build
that thing hundreds of years ago. It was starting to get pretty chilly and there wasn't much else
nearby, so we headed back after looking for some postcards and Olympic 2012 souviners. I'm
so sad I won't be here to see my cousin Amanda compete this year, but hopefully I can travel to
wherever the Olympics are next time, because that would be awesome!! Hoopefully I'll be able
to catch her on the TV wherever I'm traveling to though...

Now I get to wait and sit in anxiety, wondering what our couchsurfing host will be like and
hoping more plans fall into place the 3 days we're staying there. We left our schedule
completely open and will pretty much decide our timeline once we're in Morocco. Hopefully
we won't be interrogated like we were when we landed in London because we really have no
idea what we're doing next! That probably won't look very good for us but I hope Moroccan
government doesn't totally hate on Americans. Plus I don't have a ton of cash on me... Hmm

Ok. More updates when we get settled in Casa tonight... Pics uploaded then too...

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