Happy Birthday Alysa!
We walked the town today and it was really nice even though it was 110F outside. I was interested in buying stuff but I didn't really see much that I was interested in bartering over, so I passed. Tomorrow we go to Essaouira and supposedly it's a lot more laid back with less people in your face making you buy things. I hope to find souvenirs for Erin there. If not there, possibly Fes.

We popped in and out of the hostel for free tea, water, and cool rooms to rest in. One of the couples we met wanted to go out for tapas and being night time, the city becomes a different atmosphere, so even though we were full from our ridiculously delicious food at Earth Cafe, we decided to go with them to check out the town. But as we were about to leave, Ali comes in and whisks us into the kitchen for a special surprise. A girl and her boyfriend (husband?) came in that day and it happened to be her birthday. So Ali had a cake ready and we were given sparklers to light and sing happy birthday to her. How sweet is that?! The cake was more of a mouse and very chocolatey and delicious and we started a hookah, tea, and a celebration.

So then we go out on the town and enjoyed the night time scene, even though the selling in your face was no less forceful. Food was good and afterward we decided to walk around and take pictures. Now we're back at the hostel, taking more pictures, playing cards, and drinking delicious tea and smoking shisha. The terrace is calling to us, so we may end our night there =)

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