Thanks to our latest couchsurfing host, Paolo, we are able to trek to some amazing places in South Africa (and Mozambique soon!). Last weekend we drove to St. Lucia just north of Durban to fish, see hippos, and drive some game reserve loops on our way to a beach for more fishing!

We have certainly fallen in love with this place in the few days we've been here. Jake and I agree it reminds us of winter in Hawaii and we are so thankful to finally be away from heat and sand!
So our weekend was spent in an adorable bungalow where we had monkeys wake us up jumping on the tin roofs and a gorgeous view next to a lake where hippos have been known to frequent. We saw crocs, hippos, zebra, rhino, buffalo, mongoose, warthogs, .... I'm sorry dad, but the zoo just won't be the same again.

If you're curious as to the final verdict on me staying or going:

Last time I checked votes, it was 50/50! Thanks guys, that backfired haha. Fun to see how many people stress like I do versus the people that say "phucket!"

However, I think I'm staying. Money problems will ALWAYS be there and really, I might struggle for a few months, but probably no more than that, and what's a few months in the scheme of life? It's much easier to see things now, get this experience now, and be better prepared for more experiences in the future. I'm having a blast, and I know people are there for me when I need help (if I ever get brave enough to ask for it other than joking around). So the plan is get to Ethiopia by October and fly home mid December. Probably going to buy our tickets back this week (maybe even today!). Wish us luck on good deal fairies!
These flavors need to be in America... or maybe not because then I would start eating chips.
10/9/2012 10:45:42 pm

Hakuna matata!

12/9/2012 02:27:59 pm

I,m with Steve, Hakuna whatever. You must be in heaven. Traveling, animals outside of cages, spring time. Your blogs sound... happy. Your pictures are great. I was thinking you should use a reasonably high megapix to save on your camera and scale down for the internet. That way the pics can be photoshopped later. But you know what you,re doing.
You make me jealous, traveling like you are. But I got to get my crap straight here first, then who knows, maybe I'll follow the trails blazing now.
As always, I hope everythings going well.
Love always, Dad


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