As I was trying to figure out how I wanted to revamp my site, I knew I didn't want to be on Weebly anymore in order to have a little more freedom in design. I learned, actually that Weebly has quite a bit of freedom and most other blog hosts can be pretty annoying at times. But most of them have been around so much longer than weebly, that there's a lot more info, widgets, and opportunities for more in depth CSS/HTML altering. 

Then I realized that Buddha Le Dread, after 8 years of faithful service, no longer fits my style. I don't have dreadlocks any more, and it's hard to stick with the BoHo style even though a lot of people are quite used to this as my nickname by now. After brainstorming with Steve, we came up with something that had to do with tinkering, since that very much fits me, and well, the name is kind of awkward and nonsensical, but I think it could grow on people like Buddha Le Dread was able to.

So meet my new moniker: Tinkery Peat. I tinker with everything in my life, most of the time haphazardly (appropriate), and peat I find conjures up the idea of a boy name Pete as well as being earthy, mossy, and I found one definition that it used to be used in Medieval times for a Bold and Lively woman. I'm all those things, right? (Not sure how I can be "mossy" without being gross, but I guess I'm a bit gross too).