Just chiming in to say I'm still slacking. But my laptop has been sucking at life lately, so even though I can't come close to affording it, I bought a new one (yay horrible but awesome decisions!). So hopefully in a week or so, I will have my new compy to finally finish editing pictures and post the final Ethiopia summary on here. 

I am also slacking at the other posts I've wanted to do. Mikey has agreed to help me with my vector project, but I have yet to send him all the info (fail, me). But hopefully that will happen soon too.

Right now, I'm applying to jobs all over the place, not hearing any response whatsoever, and also doing 4 free M.I.T. classes that I hope to complete for official college credit (woohoo!). In the meantime, I'm also deciding whether to put school on hold some more to do a few years of work and not look like a total slack loser, or if I want to find another dead-beat job to make income while I ask schools if they would possibly take me for a PhD program. Decisions...

Life in Colorado has been nice though. While I feel like a mooch and a non-productive member of society, Jake and I do some pretty fun stuff every day and this week we hope to have our first couchsurfer!! Other than that, it's Insanity six days a week (mont two is about to start!), biking to our fave cafe, DBC, and raw food extravaganza. 

I'm starting to get inspired again to be creative and do things. I have like a billion sock monkey beanies I could revamp and sell (thanks Arlene!) and I'm knitting again. I want to paint again and maybe take creative writing classes. But really, I just want a job and routine for a bit and try to fit a bunch of fun stuff all around it. So, wish me luck I guess!