Sorry for not writing in a while. We got back to the U.S. December 4th and hung out in Maryland a week before being home home in Denver on the 11th. However, I got SUPER sick during our 61-hour transit from Ethiopia to NYC and basically out of commission since then. I'm feeling a bit better but have a lot of work to do before my next post. But here's the plan:

  • Next post will be a picture summary of Ethiopia
  • The post I'm most looking forward to is a vector-image stats page highlighting various aspects of our trip, but I have to ask a friend to help make it for me.
  • Then it's finally moving forward onto other blog endeavors including knitting patterns and some raw food recipes I've been thinking about the last few months

So lots to look forward to and hopefully these posts will be starting to go up within this week. However, there are some fun parties we're hosting (Walking Dead Season 3 Marathon that involves pretending we're in a zombie apocalypse and only eating canned food and not having electricity or running water, as well as a food-based Africa themed party)  and I have to look for a job, and plan Xmas food making.... etc etc so much to do now that we're home!