This post isn't really like Top Gear, but all I seem to notice are cars lately and I have been watching all the Special Editions of Top Gear since they are my favorite episodes. So this post is just about cars.

Not surprising, the most popular cars here, and probably in this order are: Audi, Volkswagon, Mercedes, and BMW. But then after that, the most popular are ones not found in America: Peugeot, Vauxhall (which both logos remind me of Ferrari), and this german brand Citroen. 

Then there are some differences I notice. New Ford Focuses look like new Toyota Priuses for some reason. And most cars are smaller, euro-y versions of their American counterparts. 

My favorite cars are probably the ones that don't exist in America, like the Toyota Aygo (which I hope is pronounced EYE-go) and the Ford Ka, both are their versions of SmartCars, really. Which really makes me want the Toyota because shit, it's a reliable Toyota. There are a few VWs I wouldn't mind having either.
These were the only two pictures I took and it was just to remember the names. Also, I got berated for taking pictures of my food, what would they say about every day ugly cars?
Okay, I honestly though I'd have more to say about cars here... what is wrong with me? Too overwhelmed, coming up short in writing...

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