Arrived in Tetauan today. We got the 2pm bus and before checking out of our Chef hostel, went to some vendors we found for some souvenirs. We got two gifts and three things for ourselves o_o haha. I found a super awesome utility belt that ended up costing me a little over $25 which looks like a belt I was interested in on Etsy selling for $120. Ha! Also the one on etsy wasn't handcrafted leather locally tanned, so there.
Sorry for lazy phone pic
Jake got a laptop satchel, also leather and roughly the same color as mine. Lined in tan suede and really great stitching with an adjustable shoulder strap, he got it for about $40ish. I won't mention the gifts since we want them as surprises, but they are for tiny people if you get my drift. The other thing we got, though, was a blanket made from local wool that looks like it should be scratchy but is soooo soft to the touch. It's pretty huge too and my guess is there is only minimal cotton and therefore really warm as well. We can now have picnics wherever we're at and if we get stranded at a bus station or airport, we now have snuggle material for comfort. That cost us about $15.
We intended on dining at a pizza/panini/burger place for breakfast to have a fried egg burger, but the place never opened in time, so we sought a nearby cafe for a simple tomato and goat cheese platter with buttered baguette toast and some lattes. It was delicious, filling, and we weren't charged for one of the coffees, score!

Then we checked out of our hostel, made our way to the bus depot happy as clams and looked forward to our next adventure. Another nauseating bus ride, this one only an hour and a half but with no a/c, I wasn't even interested at the beautiful scenery at that point. I managed some pictures, but focused on sleeping through the heat to not make
any additional energy of my own until we got to Tetauan.
Bus from Chefchaouen to Tetouen
So here we are. It was a mission and a half to find our hotel because of horrible maps and sparce directions, but we ended up finding it without too much backtracking and some friendly cops (best cops ever btw). We're only able to stay here one night because they are booked tomorrow night, but the guy in charge here says he'll help us find a
reasonable option for the one night and then we can come back here for a few more nights. Then we need to figure out if Tangier is too expensive to stay there long or if we need to continue crashing here for cheap since our flight to Barcelona doesn't leave until the 26th. But first place without internet (plenty of cyber cafes, though) so this blog may
take a minute...

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