Downtown central Durban. Except the last one is of bats in Umhlanga, that one I wasn't doing the filmy thing, but I love bats, wanted to share.

Anyway, I was inspired by some film pictures I saw and wanted to see if I could edit pictures to look the same. I happened to have just taken these a few days ago and thought they'd be the perfect ones to play with. I'm pretty satisfied, I don't know, what do you think? Too much? Not enough? Stupid?
20/9/2012 01:23:33 am

Not enough, more! :D

Hope Young
20/9/2012 06:03:20 am

Not a thing wrong with your awesome photos; they are turning out great! I heard a quote on Anthony Bourdain the other night that reminded me of you and Jake: "Tourists don't know where they've been and travelers don't know where they're going." You guys are definitely travelers as indicated by your last couple of months. I'm glad you left Egypt when you did--lots of violent crap going on ya! mom

20/9/2012 03:58:22 pm

Thanks mom! I love that quote, going to have to start using that. And yeah, it seems we've had nothing but good luck our way. We really wanted to stay longer in Egypt, but it definitely seems like good timing once again. Love you!

21/9/2012 10:47:15 am

Those bats look huge. Look like fruit eating bats. To large to live on insects.
The pictures look great, but I've neer heard of "Milky Film". I'll have to look that up.
Looks like you plan on ground travel to get back to North Africa. That'll be interesting. I picture you on a rickety old bus so over loaded you with people, boxes and suitcases you can barely see the bus underneath. And most people wearing Burkas. Everyone has to get off and push at hills as it rumbles just 3 inches away from the cliff next to the dirt road.Then again, Maybe it'll be a luxury Geryhound on a freeway . Either way, it's probably going to be and adventure. Looks like it'll be a long assed trip by ground, but you'll see a lot more.
Love, Dad

22/9/2012 09:35:26 pm

Yeah I think they had to be fruit bats, they were giant! And the film isn't "milky" I was being descriptive, I guess "paint-like" is better. The film that inspired me actually was Kodak's Portra 160 series. Might have to get some for the Nikon D70.

And I imagine our overland trips will be much the former description. I'm excited!


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