So we finally figured out our next leg of the trip and booked our tickets until then. We still have about 3-5 days to play with, but it goes like this:

We're slowly working our way toward the Mediterranean, there are two other towns after Chefchaouen we would like to see - Tetouen and Tangier. We have been spending 2-4 days in each place, but because we have some time to kill, we may spend 4-5 days in each of those towns (they sound way cooler anyway). We also extended our time in Chef a day (as well as got here a day later than we wanted due to our bus from Fes selling out before we got tickets that day). It's very easy to spend a ton of time here though, I could probably even live here the town is that adorable.

Then we'll cross the Gibraltar and see what Spain has to offer. We originally had about 2 weeks to prolong, so decided to fly to Barcelona for one of those weeks and couch surf. Then when we get back to Gibraltar, we head back down to Casablanca since that airport had the cheapest fares to other places.

Next we spend 3 weeks in Tunisia, hopefully spending the entire time tanning on the beach. This puts us at the end of August when we'll fly to Egypt from there. We didn't want to spend a lot of time in Egypt since we heard it's so harsh there with tourists and getting ripped off left and right and trying to get you to buy shit - basically Marrakech x1000. Otherwise, all the people we have talked to who came to Morocco from there said it was a pretty awesome place with lots to see. We're going to try to see the usual: pyramids, Luxor, sphinxes, etc etc, but I don't know if I can handle the people that long. I hate haggling for every little thing and still overpaying because we're not from there. It's quite tiring.

Then September 5th is our flight booked to Johannesburg, South Africa. We wanted to wait until September to go due to weather, which is why our timing is a bit weird and we even have "days to kill." There's not much else we want to do in Morocco, we can't go across Algeria and Lybia, and Europe is expensive as shit, but Tunisia looked pretty sweet, and while we didn't intend on 3 weeks there, it was that or Egypt, and I've said how I felt about that, so....

It looks like I'll be spending my birthday in Egypt this year, and though I'm apprehensive about dealing with hagglers the whole time, I'm hoping for some birthday luck and to see some cool shit that day.  
I woke up craving this song, though video wise, I'm partial to the song Islands.

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