Since they're "kind of a big deal" I thought I'd share my Giza pictures on our last day in Egypt. The day was pretty successful. We had good timing as far as seeing what we wanted to, then getting back in time to get our stuff together, buy more El Abd pastries, and walk to the bus stop to head to the airport (which took over an hour and a half! Traffic is nuts).
Our flight to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia was really comfortable on a considerably large plane and then our second leg from Jeddah to Johannesburg was even better, being in something in the middle of first and economy class, plenty of leg room, and surprisingly comfortable sleep. 

We wanted to steer clear of Jo'Burg because it didn't seem like much more than a typical city but with an extraordinary amount of crime we thought we'd avoid. Our mission was to get to Durban as quickly as possible. We usually bus or train it for cost-cutting, but across the board it seemed like we should fly there instead. So quick like a fox we looked into it before stepping out of the airport and found a flight which we had to RUN to get to, but it worked out and in about an hour we were touching down in Durban.


So I'm thinking of cutting my trip short and heading back to the states in two weeks. I don't have enough money to finish this trip and if I go back now I'll be able to pay my bills on time and have enough to hold me over until I find a job. If I stay, then I'll be at ZERO when I get back with a ton more credit card debt and things could be rough for a few months.

However, some of you are aware as to how resourceful I can be and I think I'm smart enough to balance some things out so I take the weakest blow from life. I just don't know what to do.

It's stressful thinking about money (and some of you are also aware of my stress levels and coping with such) but this trip is in a way that it gets BETTER and BETTER with each stop and experience. Without a doubt what awaits us in the next few months will be unparalleled and especially when we get to Ethiopia, what we'll be able to do with these coffee farms will be everything I want my international travels to be. It'd be a shame to cut out early and miss all of that.

So... vote? What would you do?
7/9/2012 06:58:17 pm

dude do wha tyou gotta do! i know itll suck coming back with nothing and maybe having some crazy debt but fuck man... coming home would negate everything you went out there for! it sounds like Ethiopia will give you untold amounts of good experiences and worthwhile endeavors. i feel that if you were to come back before its all over, youll regret it until you can go back but who knows when that could be. Dont wanna be negative but shit.. this could be your only chance... youre young, smart and got a pretty bad ass degree under your belt.. i'm pretty sure that whenever you do make it back stateside... youll be able to couch surf long enough till you find something that pays and tough it out the few years it takes to pay it all off.. you know if we arent all marched away to death camps and euthanized by then.

7/9/2012 07:01:19 pm

ps... in a few months i might actually finally have a little nest egg saved up so maybe i can go hang out with ya somewhere, wherever you are, ha.. i got a list of people to visit and youre one of em.. our short day visit when you were in austin was not enough ha.

9/9/2012 11:42:25 pm

SEAN you are most definitely invited to whatever adventure I'm on at the time! My travel page has some upcoming trips, but there's also a Yosemite trip planned this next summer (though some talk it might not happen as usual).

7/9/2012 11:28:27 pm

You will always have bills finish with no regrets. Once you come home then focus on work and paying off debt. Love you be safe. Aunt Heidi and family

9/9/2012 11:43:18 pm

Thanks auntie! I think I just really needed to hear that. It's more my style to stay anyway =)

7/9/2012 11:32:48 pm

Personally, I would rather go to Ethiopia, etc, when it wasn't a massive blow to my financial security. You've done quite a bit of traveling already (although it makes me wonder why you spent a month in Morocco if you wanted to go to Ethiopia so badly?) and plan on going back. What's 2 years? But that's me.


9/9/2012 11:39:26 pm

Ethiopia is a planned thing for October because that's when our contact will be there. Morocco we just honestly thought would be cool, but now I see I would have rather spend a month in Egypt and 9 days in Morocco instead. But we spent so much time north because the weather in the south/east was in Winter until September, and we didn't pack for that (purposefully, we weren't interested in a winter trip).

9/9/2012 11:40:43 pm

oh yeah and once we get to Ethiopia, we potentially have a free ride - everything will be taken care of for us and there's potential pay involved too.

10/9/2012 02:10:34 am

So you get to see Ethiopia? :D


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