Found a cute market on the street close to Hotel Chellah where we decided to buy some supplies and long-term food stuffs (nutella, really). This shop also happened to have Milka bars and Kinder Eggs! Girl you know I gots me a KingerEi. Well I didn't realize it was the soft scoopy one and not the hard-shelled with a surprise toy center one. I was like NOOOO MY TOYS!!!! But then I'm dumb and remembered I totally had this one before and I still get a toy.
Like zee Germans would ever let me down, HA!
It was a frisbee!
We spent the day with our new blanket (seen above, the orange) and picnic'ed by the pool with our newly acquired nutella, candy bars, best-bread-ever-in-the-ever, veggies and cheese. It was glorious.

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