The bus ride to Tangier from Tetaouen was mostly uneventful. But when the bus pulled into town after several odd stops, we didn't think we were in the right place and hesitated getting off the bus. We expected to see coast, but all we saw was an unimpressive grungy town. But we were told that is where we deboard.
However, once we got our bearings by asking someone what direction the Medina was in, we set off without bother from the locals and that was a very pleasant surprise. After crossing a main street, however, we found out we were told slightly misleading information since we assumed we were at one bus station, but actually ended up being at another. It worked out in our favor, though, and our hotel was closer than originally planned.

Hotel Chellah was pretty ritzy in comparison to most of our camps, but very reasonably priced and we gladly extended our stay for one more night to relax by the tropical pool. I would definitely love to stay there for a week, the location was good for food and not very far from a water view either, though it would be worth it to trek a bit to the beaches, and if you're not lazy, it could also be easily done from the hotel's location. The staff were all really nice too, and our bellhop, dressed in 50's style Moroccan wear (complete with Fez), was the spitting image of Tim Curry, I had to refrain from smiling too much because of it.
We did want to save a bit more money though, so thanks to the lonely planet guide, we found a place that seemed nice and wasn't a far walk from our current place, and even closer to the port where we needed to be to go to Spain. This place turned out super adorable and we were relieved not to totally regret leaving the beautiful Hotel Chellah!
So far, walking around has been pleasant and we haven't been harassed here nearly as bad as everywhere else we've been. They assume we just got here from Europe and will try there "Where are you from?" schemes but we tell them we've been here for a month and they soon back off, realizing we're on to their trixies.
Aquabat says hello from Morocco
24/7/2012 01:57:24 pm


Andrew Delunas
11/8/2012 07:46:04 am

Ah Ms. Multipass, Reading of your adventures heartens me in these bleak times! Good to hear you're having a great (if somewhat trying) time! Happy early birthday (my fellow Virgo!) if I don't get a chance to write again beforehand. You rock and I miss you! Much love, Andy

19/8/2012 09:44:36 pm

oh Andy! I'm so glad you found my blog and keeping up on it, I miss you a ton! I hope you're well and I can't wait to plan my next visit to SC to see you, though if you've changed locations by the time I'm back, I'll make plans to visit wherever you're at!


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